How to Choose the Best Commercial Upholstery for the Job

How to Choose the Best Commercial Upholstery for the Job

Choosing the right fabric for commercial upholstery applications is an important aspect of any upgrade you are planning for your premises. An 'incorrect' fabric will soon begin to look faded and tired, detracting from the internal surroundings.


Upholstery Scotland has the experience to guide you through the selection process so that your commercial upholstery project in Edinburgh has dazzling results!

Medium and heavy use fabrics are best selected in a commercial upholstery application. You may think that the range of these fabrics would be limited but in fact, there is a mind-boggling array in terms of choice.

These fabrics offer the best in sustainability, meaning they will last much longer and stand up to the heavy, daily use. The sustainability of fabric is measured in double rubs.

The double rub count refers to the durability of any given fabric; the double rub of a fabric is graded and tested by the use of a machine, that rubs back and forth (hence double rub) until the fabric is worn out.

Commercial upholstery fabrics are graded between 100,000 to 250,000 double rubs, with domestic fabrics being slightly less.

Fabrics that are blended from various other ones tend to have a higher double rub grade; for example, chenille, polyesters, rayon and cotton are all a blend that adds durability to a fabric.

Colour is clearly important too and you will no doubt have a colour scheme in mind. Many commercial upholstery Edinburgh clients build their decor around the fabrics they use as furnishings and you can build pattern into the decorative scheme too.

Upholstery Scotland has a range of fabrics, ideas as well as a growing gallery of previous work completed that will inspire you.

The odd unexpected dash of colour can considerably lift a room, and the clever use of bold and intricate patterns can also add an unexpected but glamour twist to a room.

Adding texture can also help but it is important to bear in mind that over time, heavily textured fabrics will become compressed and will begin to look tired and shoddy - not the look you are out to achieve.

Planning your commercial upholstery project is important as this is paramount in getting it right so that when all the hard work is done, the decorators have left and you open your doors to customers, you will them gasp in delight and appreciation.

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